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TEFaQ Small Group Class (Maximum 8 Students
During the public health crisis, we decrease the maximum students number to
 NEW ​​ - online class
April 19 - TEFaQ Speaking (Available) - Registration deadline: April 12
April 19 - TEFaQ A1 (Available) - Registration deadline: April 12
May 03 - TEFaQ B1 (Available) - Registration deadline: April 26
May 17 - TEFaQ A2 (Available) - Registration deadline: May 10
May 24 - TEFaQ Speaking (Available) - Registration deadline: May 17
April 05 - Intensive Morning TEFaQ Class Level A1 to B2 (FULL)
May 03 - Intensive Morning TEFaQ Class Level A1 to B2 (Available)
 B o o k  a  FREE T E F a Q  T r i a l  C l a s s 
Minimum 3 Students
Saturday 1:00 to 1:30 p.m.
April 10th,April 24th, 2021
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